The Power of Breath: breathing for meditation, enlightenment and purpose.

Instructions for breathing: Use this video by itself and before other meditations to help center yourself and maximize your guided meditation experience.

Meditation Basic Library


Does happiness and joy seem fleeting or non-existent? Open to receive -happiness and joy awaits you.


In a time of chaos and confusion choose peace. Claim your higher self.


Do worries or fears have you stressed? Find calm on your journey.

Meditations Premium Library


Feel trapped or boxed in? Break the barriers that chain your mind, body and spirit.


Challenged trying to focus? Stay in the moment when you need to do so.


Has life challenges lead to self-doubt. Visualize yourself as you want to be and become.

Silence the Sadness

Many live with sadness and loneliness. Rise and embrace the emotions you envision.


Do you feel someone else’s status or privilege has an impact on your opportunities. Become your own master.

Guided meditation allows you to go on a journey with someone who may have a bit more experience along the path of meditation. You form a spiritual relationship with that person giving them permission to assist and guide you. That guide helps you connect to your own inner voice and introduces you to approaches and perspectives that may not have been readily available to you prior in order to reach a goal.
When practicing the meditation, you learn skills that can be available to you even when the voice of the guide is not actually there with you. You begin to internalize the skills you are learning. That process is internal. The actual work is done by you.
Guided meditation helps to increase relaxation, patience and tolerance. It helps to gain new perspectives on stressful situations while building skills to manage stress. Guided meditation increases imagination and awareness of the Self. It assists with focus and concentration and can lower anxiety. There are a number of health-related benefits to guided meditation including, addictions and lowering high blood pressure. Overall guided meditation opens pathways to awareness and healing.
The best meditation is the one that works for you and that you will actually do. Some people find that their own thoughts are distractions and choose guided meditation to assist on their journey.
Oftentimes your “thoughts” are guides on your journey and do not interrupt or interfere with your path. Relax, go with your thoughts where ever they take you. Allow your thoughts, ancestors, spirits to be a part of your journey.


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