Could Onipa Online Guided Meditation help your workforce?

Consider Integrating Onipa Online Guided Meditation as an Employee Benefit

Benefits that help your company goals

You care about your employees. the OGM Wellness Program is a way your company and staff can thrive when you care for your employees. It’s two-way benefit.

The OGM wellness program is designed for companies of all sizes:
whether you are company with a small team ready to add your first set of employee benefits to retain great staff or whether you are a large company with dozens of employees and some wellness benefits already in place.

Experience Full Circle Guided Meditation

Learn the Top 10 ways You could Increase Profits, Reduce Expenses, & create a Healthier Workforce

Innovation and Productivity

Make more money through improved employee performance, ideas, and innovation.

  • Clear thinking promotes innovative thinking to help the company grow
  • Improved self-confidence can increase work ethic and performance
  • Increase the drive to achieve goals
  • Reduced stress boosts productivity

Healthy Work/Life Balance

Short bursts of relaxation and guided meditation can help staff resettle

  • Reduce customer service issues and mistakes caused by lack of focus
  • Reduce time and money spent by the company to resolve internal staff conflicts
  • Increase attendance: reduce absences and tardiness from illnesses and lack of sleep

Company Loyalty & Comraderie

Improve overall employee perception about how much the company cares about their well-being which

  • Improve company income when staff feel motivated to do their jobs
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Improve employee engagement, leadership, and initiative

Choose Your Room


Overcoming a Setback




Focus and clarity

Employee Benefit Options

Basic wellness

  • 10 employees minimum

Standard Wellness

  • 100 employees minimum

Premium wellness

  • 250 employees minimum


As a human resource and employee experience firm, HRCNRGY recognizes that creating a healthy workplace begins with designing a holistic and thoughtful wellness plan. Wellness plans should focus on improving the whole person including social, financial, spiritual, and mental well-being. Onipa Guided Meditation is a great tool to help employees manage stress and anxiety, increase focus, and improve sleep quality. This leads to a tangible return on investment for employers, including greater productivity and idea generation, improved job satisfaction, and a reduction in absenteeism.

Jacqueline Moore

CEO HRCNRGY an Employee Experience Management consulting firm

Our staff and managers love Onipa Online Guided Meditation. Project managers are using them before intense meetings to help team members focus and leave with more results. They’re using them after long midday meetings so people don’t leave to drained for the rest of the day. Staff members report feeling personal and professional improvements from the addition of Onipa Online Guided Meditation to our wellness program.

Nataki Kambon

CEO, Nu Business Solutions

The first time we introduced Onipa Guided Meditation to our private school we had amazing results. The instructors shared they felt less anxious and stressed. They felt a unique combination of being more relaxed and energized at the same time. The impact on the children was equally impressive. They embraced Onipa Guided Meditation immediately. The children mellowed out had a calm energy for the rest of the day. I’ve never seen anything like it. It reduced discipline issues and everyone loves it. We did the Serenity guided meditation the first time. We love the positive difference Onipa Guided Meditation has brought to our private school.

AK School

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